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Cincinnati's #1 Choice for Family Owned                                           "Where Pets are Family Too"                                                              Pet Cremation Services                                                          Affordable & Dignified Pet Care                                      Call us (513) 334-3637                                                                           Since 1840

Cremation & Service Options

One thing that establishes our high standards is certainly our facility. You won't find another like it anywhere nearby.


Another item toward the top of our high standards list is the quality of the equipment we insist upon. Utilizing the latest and most efficient cremators available, we can maintain extremely high standards of operation - as well as high standards for efficiency and minimized emissions. In fact, we’re so confident in our equipment and our processes, we're very comfortable to welcome people right to our facility.


One of the common questions people have with cremation is this: "How do I know that I'm getting my pet’s ashes back?"  We utilize a strict tracking system with a pet identification disk to monitor every step of the process, assuring us - and you - that this is never a concern.


And, because people have different preferences, we offer two different pet cremation options:


  • PRIVATE CREMATION. With Private Cremation, your pet is the only one in the cremation chamber throughout the entire cremation process. While this results in a little higher cost than the other options, it is the only option that is completely private. Your Pet's ashes are returned to you in the urn you selected.
  • COMMUNAL CREMATION. With Communal Cremation, your pet is grouped in the cremation chamber  with other pets throughout the cremation process.  Your Pet's ashes will NOT be returned.  

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